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kaleidoscope 2017 ver.1.0

I can personalize the game for you or your loved ones. It can be a greeting or a dedication, located in the main game menu (for example "For my beloved sister Anna. Let your life be diverse and beautiful as these patterns")

You send me two pictures (for example, yours (*)

and her (his) (*)

and you get >>




Such a digital gift will unobtrusively remind you of entertaining your loved ones.Also there can be other text, for example "Meet the coolest guy" or "I'm prettier than any pattern" and your address in social networks. This version of the game can be released to free travel in net and accumulate acquaintance and love.


Send to my mail* your picture, photo (or link to the picture), you want to see in the game menu. The inscription on the picture can do yourself or I'll post yours. After that* I'll place a demo game with your picture on my website and send you link on it. Check the operation of the game and if satisfies - pay 7$ for order here:

and send me a receipt*. After payment I will send you the full version of the game (no limits) in the .exe and .swf format.


About Ecwid Store platform


(*) I am a living person, therefore validation email and checks performed at 7.00 - 17.00 GMT, daily.

(*)Making your game - within 24 hours after receiving a letter with your picture.

(*) free images from pixabay.com