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About the kaleidoscope and my other things.

Also you can see how Yan Khomalev draws and dances.


All Kaleidoscope games as #khomalevart

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1My first Kaleidoscope 2017

Kaleidoscope like a music box. A classic kaleidoscope toy, 15 colored fragments randomly mixed.



2Japanese kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscopic red-yellow goldfish fascinated a Japanese girl.

Miyako, let's go eat, mom is calling. But Miyako is fascinated by goldfish and therefore does not hear. The symmetrical dance of pieces of fire does not let the girl go away.




3Kaleidoscope of the Solar

Red, orange and yellow - the beauty of fire and the Sun. Symmetric dance of kaleidoscopic prominences.



4Kaleidoscope 2019 as artcontainer

Day and night kaleidoscope. Sun patterns during the day, moon patterns at night. This is not a game. It is more likely the supplier of your art - music, drawing



Who invented this multi-colored beauty?

A kaleidoscope was invented in 1816 by Sir David Brewster, scientist, inventor, and academic administrator.

Sir David Brewster

Three mirrors and several pieces of colored glass create symmetrical patterns that never repeat. Thank you Dear Sir David for your wonderful invention.

If you want, you can make a kaleidoscope yourself. It will take a pipe, 3 mirrors, colored glass shards, manuals and a little time. If you don’t have too much time - use my digital kaleidoscopes

kaleidoscope screenshot

Personalized kaleidoscope as a gift:

You send me your photos, I insert them into the game, you give this game to your loved. >>>





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